Dear Nobles,

For your convenience the Club Officers have elected to offer an online option to pay your club invoices. Please input the Invoice number in the box and click BUY NOW.  This will transfer you to the PayPal website and allow you to pay your invoice with PayPal or a credit card.  If you do not feel comfortable with paying on-line, you can continue to pay in person or mail in a check as in the past.

This BUY NOW button can be used to pay your club invoice for Club Merchandise and Meeting Meals.

As Always:
Additional/Voluntary contributions as either a $50.00 Ad Sponsor or $20.00 Booster to help offset GDSC operating expenses of our Newsletter and other mailings and the Paper Crusade are always appreciated.

Sponsor _____; Booster_____; Paper Crusade ______; Dues_________  = Total __________

Invoice Number Paying

Sponsor Amount

Paper Crusade

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Daytona Tortugas Ball Game Picnic
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