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I hope this memo finds you all in good health and good spirits.   Here is some information to keep you up to date with the GDSC happenings.

Over the past several months we have endured some extraordinary changes in our lives and the way that we go about our daily activities. The new buzz word for the year 2020 and beyond is (Social Distancing) and unfortunately, I do not think that this is going away anytime soon.  Some of us chose to quarantine, some to limit their social activities, some chose to limit their social gathering to just a select few close friends and finally some chose whether to or not to wear a mask.  Only you can choose what is right for you and your family.

As Masons and Shriners, we have learned to change with the changing times. As you all know, to support our fraternity we depend on discretionary income from our members, the public as well as support from our local business. Over the past several months and into the future with social distancing, businesses closing and reduced capacity, our fund-raising ability has diminished to an all-time low, therefore we have had to cancel and postpone several of our fundraising activities into the future.

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